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There are many groups of antibiotics. However, they are all united by a pronounced selective effect on microorganisms and a slight toxic effect on a macroorganism. Antibiotics: classification, rules and features of use.


Cephalexin are substances that can inhibit the growth of microorganisms or destroy them. According to the GOST definition, antibiotics include substances of plant, animal or microbial origin. Currently, this definition is somewhat outdated, since a huge number of synthetic drugs have been created, however, it was natural Cephalexin that served as the prototype for their creation.

Cephalexin are a huge group of bactericidal drugs, each of which is characterized by its own spectrum of action, indications for use and the presence of certain consequences. The history of antimicrobial drugs begins in 1928, when A. Fleming first discovered penicillin. This substance was precisely discovered, and not created, since it has always existed in nature. In living nature, it is produced by microscopic fungi of the genus Penicillium, protecting themselves from other microorganisms. In less than 100 years, more than a hundred different antibacterial drugs have been created. Some of them are already outdated and not used in treatment, and some are only being introduced into clinical practice.



We recommend buy Cephalexin pills that tells in detail about the history of mankind's struggle against microbes and the history of the creation of the first antibiotics: All antibacterial drugs, according to their effect on microorganisms, can be divided into two large groups: bactericidal - directly cause the death of microbes; bacteriostatic - prevent the growth of microorganisms. Unable to grow and multiply, bacteria are destroyed by the sick person's immune system.


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Despite the diversity of this group of drugs, all of them can be attributed to several main types. This classification is based on the chemical structure - drugs from one group have a similar chemical formula, differing from each other by the presence or absence of certain fragments of molecules.

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Penicillin derivatives.

This includes all drugs created on the basis of the very first antibiotic. In this group, the following subgroups or generations of penicillin drugs are distinguished: Natural benzylpenicillin, which is synthesized by fungi, and semi-synthetic drugs: methicillin, nafcillin. Synthetic drugs: carbpenicillin and ticarcillin, which have a wider spectrum of effects.


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Mecillam and azlocillin, which have an even broader spectrum of action. Cephalosporins are the closest relatives of penicillins. The very first antibiotic of this group, cefazolin C, is produced by fungi of the genus Cephalosporium. Most of the drugs in this group have a bactericidal effect, that is, they kill microorganisms. There are several generations of cephalosporins: 1st generation: cefazolin, cephalexin, cefradine, etc. Generation II: cefsulodin, cefamandol, cefuroxime. Generation III: cefotaxime, ceftazidime, cefodizime. Generation IV: cefpirome. V generation: ceftolosan, ceftopibrol.